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Vol 106, No 3 (2017)

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Primenenie vysokotemperaturnykh teplovykh nasosov dlya sistem rekuperatsii teploty

Talyzin M.S.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):10-17
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Metodika rascheta linii fazovogo ravnovesiya khladagentov ot troynoy do kriticheskoy tochki

Rykov S.V., Kudryavtseva I.V., Rykov V.A.


Within the framework of the method offered the equilibrium line calculation is based on the set of interconsistent equations including the equation of elasticity line ps = ps(Ts) (where ps is the pressure on the elasticity line; Ts is the temperature on the elasticity line) as well as the equations describing the vapor r- = r-(Ts) and the liquid r+ = r+(Ts) branches of saturation (where r is density). At that the equation for r- = r-(Ts) is derived on the basis of the Clayperon-Clausius modified equation that includes “apparent” heat of vaporization r* linked with the heat of vaporization by dependence r = r*(1 - r-/ r+). The line of the phase equilibrium is calculated using the method offered. It meets the mean diameter rule of saturation line fd in accordance with “final” scaling: fd ~ t2b, where b is the critical index of saturation line. The method was tested on the example of the calculation of the phase equilibrium line for R32 at the range of temperatures from triple to critical point. It was shown that the error of ps and r± calculation corresponds to the experimental error of these values in the range mentioned.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):26-30
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Portret v inter'ere dvukh epokh ( k 100letiyu G.N.Danilovoy)

Tsvetkov O.B.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):31-31
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Regulirovanie importa, proizvodstva, potrebleniya, utilizatsii i transgranichnykh perevozok ozonorazrushayushchikh veshchestv i iskusstvennykh parnikovykh gazov

Babakin B.S.


According to the decisions of the Montreal (1987), Kyoto (1997) Protocols, the Basel Convention, the EU regulation 517/2014 and ot. documents the import, production, consumption, disposal and transboundary movement of ozonedepleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases are regulated. The features of this approach in a number of countries (Australia, USA, Canada, Norway, Germany, England, Russia, and other countries), program control ozonedepleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases are considered.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):32-37
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Eksperimental'noe issledovanie vakuumnogo teplonasosnogo distillyatora s mekhanicheskoy kompressiey para

Malafeev I.I., Marinyuk B.T., Il'in G.A., Sharapov N.V.


The increasing world demand for desalination and water treatment plants as well as a wide application of distillation technologies in different spheres of business activity imposed the development of this theme. One of the most perspective methods of water treatment and distillation is the method of evaporation using a mechanical vapor compression (MVC). Based on this method a circuit of a vacuum heat pump distiller on the basis of highspeed roots vacuum pump (RVP) operating under conditions of high depression at 30...40 °С water boiling temperatures was offered. The paper presents the results of the experimental study of a vacuum heat pump distiller that operates on the original test bench developed in the laboratory of the department “Low temperature engineering n. a. P.L. Kapitsa”. It was proved that the offered technical solution using a RVP as a major tool to increase the pressure and to mix vapors is operable. A mathematical model of the nonstationary heat exchange process of a singlestage distillation plant with mechanical vapor compression was verified. The dependence for calculation of a heat transfer coefficient when heating the mass of water in a free volume on vertical tubes under conditions of vacuumizing the steam space was offered. The data on efficiency and electric consumption of the plant developed were found. The question was raised regarding the necessity to continue the works in this field and to develop prototypes.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):38-43
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Vystavka Beviale Moscow. Nauchnotekhnicheskaya konferentsiya

Marinyuk B.T.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):44-45
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Kholodil'noe oborudovanie na vystavke «Mir klimata 2017»

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):46-49
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Testo na «Mire klimata 2017»

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):50-51
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Stranitsy zhurnala «Kholodil'noe delo» za 1916 g

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;106(3):66-68
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