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Modern compressors of the Yaroslavl JSC "Kholodmash" for commercial and industrial refrigeration units

Beregovich I.N.


Despite the problems associated with the transition to the market, the staff of the Yaroslavl JSC "Kholodmash" concentrated its efforts on the development of production, the improvement of compressor technology and compressor building technology. Today Yaroslavl JSC "Kholodmash" has a wide range of compressors produced not only under license, but also on the basis of its own developments. In a short time, it was possible to put into operation an additional 22,000 m2 of production space, conclude a contract for the manufacture of 600,000 compressors per year under a license from Electrolux Compressors, and build a workshop for this. Compressors produced today comply with European quality and safety requirements and are fully interchangeable in terms of technical characteristics and connecting dimensions with similar models of compressors from ASPERA, UNIDAD HERMETICA, L’UNITE HERMETIQUE, etc.
Modern electrically insulating polyester materials, class 200 enamel wire, mineral and polyester refrigerating oils from the best foreign companies (such as MOBIL, SHELL and FUCHS) provide high quality and reliability of compressors when operating on ozone-friendly refrigerants. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, from the input control of materials and components to testing on stands and final acceptance of compressors

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):2-5
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Application of stand-alone temperature recording devices


In the magazine "Refrigeration Technology" No. 3 for 2000, the company "Eirkul" presented its own development - an autonomous temperature recorder ACC-003 TR.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):6-6
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Reciprocating refrigeration compressors and units


The YORK Refrigeration ApS company continues to acquaint the readers of the magazine "Refrigeration Technology" with the refrigeration equipment of its production.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):7-7
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Modernization of compressors for compressing carbon dioxide in the food industry and petrochemistry by switching to operation without lubrication of cylinders and seals

Zakharenko V.P.


In the food industry and petrochemistry, compressors are widely used to compress carbon dioxide with a discharge pressure of 10.0 to 25.0 MPa. Compressors of small mass capacity (from 100 to 250 kg/h) are used in the production of carbon dioxide for food purposes, dry ice production, welding and firefighting. These are compressors CD 1.6 / 2.0, T3CSp- 100/150 (manufacturer - Wurzen, Germany), T100-33-8 (LMF, Austria), KP-UM (Ural Compressor Plant), 2UP-220 / 75 (Krasnodar Compressor Plant), ZUGM (Compressor Plant, Moscow).

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):8-9
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Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems with energy supply from own source

Kokorin O.Y., Komissarov V.V., Kronfeld Y.G., Bazumatov S.R.


A system working on natural gas and used energy, heat and refrigeration supply of buildings is described. Ike heal as obtained in electric generator as a by-product is used for driving the absorption refrigerating machine. Internal heat flows are to good advantage are used in the system of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. A system of climate maintenance in the trade house “Tri Kita" developed by Vente is considered as an example.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):11-12
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Refrigeration compressors and units Bitzer, Maneurop, Aspera


In the previous article, published in issue No. 6 of our journal, the whole range of heat exchange equipment of the Finnish company Fincoil, supplied through Arctica Wholesale Ltd., was presented. to the Russian market of refrigeration equipment. In this issue of the magazine, the company introduces readers to its suppliers of refrigeration compressors and compressor units sold in Russia. Large sales volumes of Arctica Wholesale Ltd., and the share of compressor equipment accounts for more than 70% of the trade turnover, can be explained by the precise choice of suppliers of compressor equipment for Russia, as well as the competent pricing policy of the company. Why the managers of Arctica Wholesale Ltd. chose these compressor manufacturers is described in this article.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):19-19
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Electronic halogen leak detectors

Babakin B.S., Pleshanov S.A.


In the first part of the article, published in the journal Refrigeration Technology No. 7, 2001, it was about methods for detecting freon leaks and, in more detail, about ultraviolet leak detectors and electronic haploid leak detectors from REFCO. This issue deals with LEAK-SEEKER electronic halogen leak detectors from CPS.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):20-20
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Improving the Reliability of Absorption Lithium Bromide Heat Converters by Using Corrosion Inhibitors

Volkova O.V.


Based on literature data analysis with the consideration of the requirements to the inhibitors under operational conditions ofabsorption lithium bromide heat transformers (A В PT) the corrosion inhibitors are determined which have good prospects for use in ABPT. According to experimental investigations carried out at SPbUNT and PT the effective inhibitory compositions for protection of ABPT manufactured both from carbon steels and using copper-nickel alloys are proposed.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):14-16
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"Prostor-L" is modern technology and excellent quality


Firm "Prostor-L", using modern advanced technologies and materials, carries out complex design and turnkey construction of refrigerated warehouses and chambers, installation of refrigeration units on orders.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):24-24
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Viktor Viktorovich Shishov is 60 years old


Viktor Viktorovich Shishov graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering in 1963 with a degree in Refrigeration and Compressor Machines and Installations, after which he worked as a repair mechanic on a refrigerator, a refrigeration mechanic on the Veter vessel and a large freezing fishing vessel. trawler "Gleb Uspensky".

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):27-27
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International scientific and technical conference "Low-temperature and food technologies in the XXI century"


On June 5 of this year, St. Petersburg State University of Low Temperature and Food Technologies (SPbGUNiPT) solemnly celebrated its 70th anniversary. dedicated to this event. The organizers of the conference: the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg State University of Science and Technology and the International Academy of Refrigeration. The conference was attended by scientists and employees of universities, academies, research and design institutes, senior officials and specialists of food and refrigeration industry enterprises, design organizations from many regions of Russia, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The collection of conference materials contains 330 abstracts. More than 90 reports and messages were heard. Below are some reports considered at the meeting of sections that are directly related to refrigeration topics (information about the meetings of all sections of the conference is published in the Bulletin

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(8):32-33
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