A case of maternal death in a pregnant woman with fulminant hepatitis C

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The article presents a description and analysis of a rare case of fulminant form of viral hepatitis C in a pregnant woman. A pregnant 24-year old patient (3d pregnancy, 1st delivery), was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition with suspected obstructive jaundice. As a result of diagnostic process the following diagnosis was made. Pregnancy, 36-37 weeks. Cephalic presentation. Antenatal intrauterine fetal death. Acute icteric viral hepatitis C, fulminant course. C-section was performed. In spite of fluid therapy during and after the surgery, the patient developed multiple organ failure which caused death. In spite of adequate resuscitation, the fulminant viral hepatitis C caused compromised liver function and multiple organ failure development, which became the cause of maternal death. We believe that intensified medical educational activity including nursing of the pregnant women and increased quality of other medical organizational activities are required that will lead to decreased maternal mortality rate on the periphery.

E G Saryeva

Author for correspondence.
Azerbaijan medical university Baku, Azerbaijan

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