Determining the efficacy of complex conservative treatment of chronic constipation in children

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Aim. Evaluation of the effectiveness of complex conservative treatment of chronic constipation in children of different age groups.

Methods. Results of conservative treatment for chronic constipation in 574 children in different age groups are presented in the article. 321 of those were assigned to traditional treatment (group 1), while 248 were assigned consecutively to metronidazole, intesti-bacteriofague, probiotics along with traditional treatment for more adequate therapy; to magnesium orotate - to correct microcirculatory disorders and tissue dysplasia; to prevent and treat endogenic intoxication and secondary hepatic disease - to glutathione (group 2). The treatment was conducted for a year by courses in months 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 (total of 6 courses). If ineffective, follow-up treatment was provided: within 2 years - quarterly (4 courses) and during the third year - once in 6 months (2 courses).

Results. Compared to traditional treatment the results of the suggested complex treatment were sifgnificantly better; the best results were achieved in age group 3-7 years; stable and positive result was achieved already by the end of the first year of suggested complex treatment, and with traditional approach the duration of treatment was up to 3 years.

R S Polukhov

Author for correspondence.
Azerbaijan Medical University Baku, Azerbaijan

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