Immunoglobulin A and its selective deficiency

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Immunoglobulin A plays a key role in local immunity preventing microorganism adhesion and its activity. Besides, it participates in virus and antigenes neutralizing. In the blood Immunoglobulin A circulates predominantly as a monomer, and at secretion as dimer in complex with S-component. Transitory decrease of Immunoglobulin A develops in different states: infectious and inflammatory processes, allergies, tumors. Specific disease is selective Immunoglobulin A deficiency which is a primary immunodeficiency. It is considered the most prevalent primary immunodeficiency but its true prevalence is unknown as in most cases it is asymptomatic and is revealed accidentally at laboratory testing. No specific methods of treatment of selective Immunoglobulin A deficiency exist. The literature review contains data on the character of the pathology, clinical presentation and tactics of patient management.

O V Moskalets

Author for correspondence.
Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute named after M.F. Vladimirskiy Moscow, Russia

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