Features of production of structured cultured milk desserts enriched with food fibers

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Based on cultured milk ice cream, a dessert composition at low sucrose content, enriched with food fibers, has been developed. The feature of the dessert consists in ability to keep its structure when using in an unfrozen state. The influence of gelatin and its composition including a processed product of the physically modified starch on the structure of the dessert in unfrozen state has been examined. It was established that the dessert developed had all useful qualities of cultured milk products and its structure was stable under temperature conditions of the refrigerator during two days. The use of the physically modified product (PMP) leads to the increase of the viscosity of the mixture for desserts, and also enhances the ability of their mixtures to be saturated with air. The enrichment of the dessert with food fibers allows positioning it as a food fiber source.

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About the authors

I. A Gursky

Moscow State University of Food Factories

Email: iixrug@yandex.ru
Moscow, Russia

A. A Tvorogova

VNIKHI - branch of FGBNU “V.M. Gorbatov FSC for Food Systems”, RAS

Email: antvorogova@yandex.ru
Dr.Sc. Moscow, Russia


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Copyright (c) 2020 Gursky I.A., Tvorogova A.A.

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