Sravnenie s pomoshch'yu entropiynostatisticheskogo analiza transkriticheskikh tsiklov na SO2 s tsiklami na traditsionnykh khladagentakh dlya sistem kholodosnabzheniya predpriyatiy torgovli

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A comparison of CO2 transcritical cycles with conventional refrigerants cycles applied for cold supply of mercantile business using an entropy and statistical analysis was carried out. The comparison involved the degree of the thermodynamic perfection using the method of entropy and statistical analysis of refrigeration systems. The parameters adopted at refrigeration plants design were used as initial data. The paper cites basic circuits of refrigeration systems examined in the paper, formulae of calculation of minimal required work to compensate the entropy generation across the elements of a refrigeration machine. It is shown that the efficiencies of the conventional refrigerant (R404A) system with an economizer and the CO2 transcritical cycle system using an ejector are commeasurable. The analysis results allow determining the subsequent ways of refrigeration systems optimization among which a loss reduction from throttling, for example, using a replacement of it by ejecting.

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