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Vorona, A. A

Issue Section Title File
Vol 339, No 3 (2018) Articles Axiological positions of the military personnel during adaptation to the conditions of military service. PDF
Vol 339, No 1 (2018) Articles Yubilei PDF
Vol 339, No 8 (2018) Articles Yubilei PDF
Vol 339, No 12 (2018) Articles Yubilei
Vol 338, No 3 (2017) Articles Combat readiness or injury prevention? (On the question of military protection criteria) PDF
Vol 338, No 4 (2017) Articles Characteristics of health and quality of life of modern pre-conscripts and draftees PDF
Vol 338, No 7 (2017) Articles Formation of neuro-emotional stability in cadets of an aviation university during the training PDF
Vol 338, No 11 (2017) Articles Day rooms as a new means of restoring the crew’s functional state during the flight
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Professional reliability of military pilots: medical and social-psychological aspects
Vol 336, No 4 (2015) Articles Psychosemantic diagnostics of aircrew professional fitness. The process of becoming a professional pilot tends to a constant complication
Vol 336, No 3 (2015) Articles Scientific and research experimentation center of aviation and space medicine and human engineering celebrates 80th anniversary.
Vol 335, No 9 (2014) Articles Medical approaches to development and tests of anti-mine defence for combat vehicle crews PDF
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles Suppositions for development of preventive military air medicine PDF
Vol 333, No 1 (2012) Articles Medical and psychological prediction of professional readiness of graduates of military 40 school
Vol 332, No 3 (2011) Articles Principles and methods of resource assessment of mental health military contingent in terms of demographic crisis
Vol 332, No 5 (2011) Articles The impact of health personnel at the cohesion of military units
Vol 340, No 10 (2019) Articles The provision of qualified and specialized surgical care to soldiers with limb injuries during a counter-terrorist operation
Vol 341, No 2 (2020) Articles The influence of the value system on the adaptive capabilities of military personnel in the initial period of service
Vol 341, No 3 (2020) Articles Reconstructive treatment of trophic insufficiency in wounded with the traumatic disease
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles The use of bioacoustic psychocorrection in the comprehensive rehabilitation of military personnel with various mental disorders who were injured in counter - terrorism operations
Vol 341, No 12 (2020) Articles Novaya kniga po gigiene aviatsionnogo truda
Vol 342, No 5 (2021) Articles Diagnostics and treatment of hyperventilation syndrome in wounded with a traumatic illness

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