The competence of physicians of medical organizations of pediatric profile in the field of ethical legal issues


The implementation of rights of under age patients in medical institutions to considerable extent is determined by the level of awareness of pediatricians about ethical legal issues related to children and adolescents. The article presents the results of survey of 239 pediatricians about rights of patients and duties of physicians. It is established that respondents are insufficiently informed about ethical legal issues and apply untimely knowledge about legal acts concerning rights of children-patients in their practice. It is established that awareness about ethical legal issues was higher among pediatricians with professional experience less than 10 years since disciplines of biomedical ethics and medical law were included into the program of prediploma training of pediatricians only in last decade. The direct relationship between competence of pediatricians in ethical legal issues and qualification was determined. The most of respondents are convinced in importance of advanced education in ethical and legal issues. It is necessary to include sections intended to increasing of legal competence of pediatricians.

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About the authors

I. A Shmeleva

The Samarskiy state medical university

443099, Samara, Russia

Oleg E. Konovalov

The peoples' friendship university of Russia

117198, Moscow, Russia
doctor of medical sciences, professor of chair of public health, health care and hygiene

N. V Polunina

The N.I. Pirogov Russian national research medical university

117997, Moscow, Russia


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