Features of medico-social expertise in monocular vision


On the basis of the results of comprehensive clinico-ophthalmologic, ophthalmo-ergonomic, psychophysiologic and psychodiagnostic examination the authors developed methodic approach and criteria of medico-social expertise of the patients with monocular vision.
Examination of the patients with monocular vision detected abnormalities of ophthalmo-ergonomic, electrophysiologic, psychological data of general capacity for work.
The connection of the above abnormalities with age, duration of the disease, group of disablement and the continuance of the adaptation period depending on etiopathogenetic causes of monocular vision was demonstrated.

About the authors

Mikhail Izrailevich Razumovskiy

L A Kozhushko

E O Gordievskaya

A M Razumovskaya

M I Razumovsky

L A Kozhushko

E O Gordievskaya

A M Razumovskaya


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