Cancer as the cause of disability in the Novosibirsk region


Cancer rate remains to be one out of the highest in Siberian Federal District for many years and it significantly exceeds the mean data across Russian Federation. Besides, it obviously tends to increase. This type of disease has become the first cause of primary disability since 2013 leaving behind cardio-vascular diseases and this ratio is still increasing. Disability caused by cancer is characterized by both the high severity (the share of I-II group disability amounts for 83.9%) and significant percentage of working-age people (37.9%). In spite of high mortality rate caused by cancer, in case of the implementation of the definitive therapy at early stages of the disease rehabilitation indices in these patients remain to be the highest that necessitates for the improvement of the rehabilitation system of cancer patients, including their efficient job placement.

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About the authors

Aleksandr G. Zakharyan

The Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in the Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk, 630045, Russian Federation
MD, PhD, DSc, the head - chief expert in the medical-social expertise


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