Populyatsionnyy sostav limfotsitov, protsessy apoptoza i kharakter tsitokin- i nitroksidergicheskoy regulyatsii u bol'nykh s mnozhestvennymi papillomami (nitevidnymi obrazovaniyami) kozhi


The clinical and immunological status was assessed in patients with multiple papillomas. There was a significant rise in the total count of leukocytes in circulation and in the percentage of CD8 cells, a reduction in the count of early positive cell activation markers (CD25+), and an increase in the level of soluble Fas ligand. The patients with multiple cutaneous papillomas were found to have altered cell growth regulatory processes: a 1.7-fold elevation of serum epidermal growth factor levels and increases in the concentrations of stable nitric oxide end metabolites and serum interleukin-12.


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