The mechanisms of lymphocyte migration into the skin in psoriasis were studied in 22 patients. The study was carried out on biopsy specimens from patients with disease progress and regression stages. The sections were stained by immunohistochemical methods with monoclonal antibodies to CD45, CD99, CD162, and matrix metalloprotease-9. The derma was profusely infiltrated by lymphocytes expressing these markers during the progressive stage of psoriasis. Positively stained cells were found by the vessels and as groups of cells and individual cells in the papillary and reticular layers and near the epidermis. The number of positively stained cells reduced during the disease regression.

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Изменение уровня молекул, опосредующих миграцию лимфоцитов в кожу, у больных псориазом

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R. N Belonogov


T. G Ruksha


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