The idiopathic form of Sweet's syndrome

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A clinical case of Sweet’s syndrome (dermatosis neutrophilica febrilis acuta) in a 59-year old man is presented. The data about etiology, pathogenesis and clinical picture are summarized. Difficulties in diagnosis of the disease are described. Sweet’s syndrome is characterized by skin lesions with marked neutrophilic infiltration. The syndrome manifests itself as a rash ofpainful red papules, plaxes, intradermal nodes on the head, neck and hands, multiple ostiofolliculitis. It is also characterized by fever, leukocytosis, arthralgias, episcleritis. Approximately 15% of cases are paraneoplastic. Patergiya can be seen in patients. It is a skin condition, characterized by lesions due to minor injuries. Diagnosis is based on a combination of clinical, physical, laboratory examinations and histological changes. The differential diagnosis should be made with exudative erythema multiforme, allergic vasculitis, erythema elevatum diutinum and erythema nodosum.

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About the authors

O. Yu Olisova

I.M. Setchenov First Moscow State Medical University

119991, Moscow, Russia

O. V Grabovskaya

I.M. Setchenov First Moscow State Medical University

119991, Moscow, Russia

N. P Teplyuk

I.M. Setchenov First Moscow State Medical University

119991, Moscow, Russia

Ekaterina V. Grekova

I.M. Setchenov First Moscow State Medical University

119991, Moscow, Russia
clinical intern at the Department of skin and venereal diseases

K. V Ignatieva

I.M. Setchenov First Moscow State Medical University

119991, Moscow, Russia


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