Diagnostic algorithm for psoriatic arthritis in clinical practice of dermatologist

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The study was carried out in 103 patients with psoriasis, who had the consultation of dermatologist and rheumatologist. Answers for 6 questions mPEST (Psoriasis Epydemiology Screening Tool) modified questionnaire were estimated, each positive answer corresponded to 1, PEST ≥ 3 was suggested the presence of psoriatic arthritis (PsA), PEST < 3 was considered the absence of PsA. All the patients were examined by rheumatologist, the gold standard was CASPAR (ClASsification criteria for Psoriatic Arthritis) criteria. If necessary the instrumental tests were performed: roentgenography, ultrasound examination, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and laboratory tests. At PEST ≥ 3 diagnosis of PsA was suspected in 60 (58.2%) of 103 patients. Diagnosis of PsA was confirmed by CASPAR criteria in 47 (45.6%) patients. mPEST less than 3 was in 43 (41.7%) of 103 patients. Diagnosis of PsA was absent by CASPAR criteria in 29 (67.4%) patients. Newly diagnosed PsA was in 32 (52.4%) of 61 patients. Any rheumatic disease, mainly PsA, can develop with psoriasis. mPEST questionnaire in most cases reveals PsA in early stage, however, its isolated use is insufficient to establish an accurate diagnosis, it requires a clear diagnostic algorithm of the disease, including consultation of rheumatologist, clinical and instrumental examination.

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About the authors

Maria N. Chamurlieva

Peoples Friendship University of Russia

Email: mchamurlieva@mail.ru
117198, Moscow, Russia
Postgraduate at the Department of Clinical Micology and Dermato-venerology Postgraduate Training Faculty

T. V Korotaeva

Research Institute of Rheumatology

115522, Moscow, Russia

E. Yu Loginova

Research Institute of Rheumatology

115522, Moscow, Russia

E. A Batkaev

Peoples Friendship University of Russia

117198, Moscow, Russia


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