Biorevitalizant with multitargeted action

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Biorevitalization is an intradermal injection of unstabilized hyaluronic acid to improve skin texture. The article presents the results of the drug Revi for the treatment of rosacea and biological aging by stimulating its internal physiological reserves and it can be recommended in conditions such as rosacea, the biological aging of the skin.

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About the authors

E. V Lipova

FSBO Central State Medical Academy of the President administration of the RF

Moscow, 121359, Russian Federation
Department of dermatovenerology, mycology and cosmetology

Y. G Suhovei

Research Institute of Clinical Immunology

Tyumen, 625027, Russian Federation
Tyumen branch

N. V Griazeva

FSBO Central State Medical Academy of the President administration of the RF

Moscow, 121359, Russian Federation
assistant of the department of dermatovenerology, mycology and cosmetology


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