The structure and properties of the surface of glass-infiltrated oxide ceramic restorations


Laser profilometry and scanning electron microscopy in conjunction with electromagnetic resonance and determination of the mean free microcrack propagation path were employed to study the microstructure and surface properties of oxide ceramics infiltrated with alumosilicate lanthanum glass, such as "In-Ceram-Alumina" (Vita Zahnfabrik), "In-Ceram Spinell" (Vita Zahnfabrik), and "In-Ceram Zirconia" (Vita Zahnfabrik). The data obtained were compared with the respective parameters of the enamel surface of natural teeth. It was shown that reinforced alumooxide ceramics doped with zirconium dioxide and saturated with alumosilicate lanthanum glass "In-Ceram Zirconia" (Vita Zahnfabrik) as well as dioxide ceramics coated with alumooxide porcelain "Vitadur Alfa" (Vita Zahnfabrik) are possessed of good phase homogeneity characteristics coupled to the high purity of the material and the absence of apparent porosity. These properties of the said ceramics match those of the enamel surface of natural teeth. The close resemblance of structural parameters and surface characteristics of "In-Ceram Zirconia" (Vita Zahnfabrik) with the respective characteristics of natural tooth enamel guarantees good long-term prognosis for the application of these ceramic restorations.


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