The aesthetic criteria for the relationship between ceramic masses and plastic teeth to be used in the correction of dental arch defects


At present, partial defects of dental arches are frequently corrected with the use of clasp prostheses in combination with metallic ceramic restorations on the adjacent teeth. However, the choice of the adequate materials for this purpose encounters difficulties arising from the incompatibility of both colour and transparency between plastic teeth and metallic ceramic crowns. In the present study, we undertook a comparative analysis of the color grade of artificial denture teeth (Cosmo HXL, Ortolux Top, Kenson, New Ace and Naperce, Simplerr, and Soluut PX) and coating ceramic systems (Duceram plus and Duceram kiss ("DeguDent"), HeraCeram ("Heraeus Kilzer"), and Vita omega 900 ("Vita"). We compared the basic hues of the neck, body, and cutting edge of the finished metallic ceramic restorations and artificial teeth. The colour was evaluated visually against the standard black background with the use of a Demettron Light ("KerrrHawe") dental lamp. The following optimal options for the combined dental prosthetic treatment have been found:
- Duceram kiss ("DeguDent") ceramic and acrylic teeth Ortolux Top;
- HeraCeram ("Heraeus Kilzer") ceramic and acrylic teeth Kenson;
- Vita omega 900 ("Vita") ceramic and acrylic teeth Cosmo HXL and New Ace and Naperce;
- Duceram kiss ("DeguDent") ceramic and artificial teeth Soluut PX.


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