Dynamics of the characteristics of the "quality of life" estimated from the MOS SF-36 questionnaire and their use for the subjective evaluation of the efficacy of treatment in the patients presenting with deformations of the dental arches


The objective of the present study was to obtain the quantitative assessment of the characteristics of the quality of life in the patients presenting with deformations of the dental arches and to compare them before and after the correction of the defects as well as after the final orthopedic treatment. The estimates were generated using the results of the MOS SF-36 questionnaire study. The analysis of dynamics of the characteristics of the quality of life over the entire period of the treatment of partial toothlessness including specialized orthopedic preparation (correction of deformations of the dental arches) has demonstrated that changes of the components of physical health (with the exception of indicators of general health) were significantly less pronounced than alteration of the components of psychic health during the period of specialized orthopedic preparation alone. It is concluded that the replenishment of the dental arches following correction of deformations results in the alteration of summarized psychic characteristics whereas aggregate physical characteristics remain virtually unaltered.


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