Satisfaction with dentures and the quality of life after different types of implantological treatment of total adenthy


In the article the satisfaction with dentures and the life quality ofpatients in one and five year time after prosthetic treatment in cases of total adenthy, using 5 variants of implantological treatment (including 3 types of removable dentures, bridges and dentures fixed on special implants), are analyzed. The noticeable advantage of all types of implantological treatment against ordinary total removable dentures is figured out. Comparing to single implant-fixed crowns, the results of using removable implant-fixed dentures are less favorable. There is no certain difference between the analyzed criterions of bridge prosthetic treatment and cases of special implants use.

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About the authors

Vladimir Anatol’evich Razumniy

State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education Kirovskaya state medical academy Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

610027, Kirov, Russian Federation


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