Anotherdate base material "Ftoraks", covered with silicon carbide


Taking into account that the coating «Pantsyr» is a thin layer of film coating of silicon carbide, to study its hardness was used scanning nanohardness «NanoScan-3D». To study our nanohardness coating samples were produced from plastic «Ftoraks», half of which was coated with a thickness of 1600 nm. Measurements were carried out in 5 randomly selected points on the surface of the plastic samples uncoated and coated with a load on the indenter 1 mN. V result of the study sample nanohardness bases dentures made ofplastic «Ftoraks» uncoated and ion-plasma silicon carbide-coated «Pantsyr» with the help of apparatus «Nano Scan 3D» we are under a load of 1 mN to the indenter, we found that the parameters of the samples nanohardness bases after coating «Pantsyr» increased 1.4 times, reaching values of 310±9 MPa. This result indicates a significant hardening of the surface of the denture base that provides apparently and high wear resistance.

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About the authors

Igor' Anatol'evich Voronov

A.I. Evdokimov Moscow state medical-dental University

127206, Moscow
Department of integrated prosthetics; implant surgeon, orthopedist, candidate of medical Sciences, corresponding member of Academy of medical and technical Sciences


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