The analysis of the incidence of patients with salivary gland pathology in Altai region based on the data of oral maxillofacial surgery depatment at city hospital № 5 in Barnaul


The purpose of the research was to study the prevalence of salivary gland pathology in Altai region depending on the patients’ age and sex. The study found that the patients aged 31-60 were more likely to have been admitted to the in-patient department. The patients were predominantly female and the cause of hospitalization was salivolithiasis. Pleomorphic adenomas were prevalent among salivary gland neoplasms. The results of the study allow to determine the true incidence rate and the needs to provide the appropriate medical care to this group of patients in Altai region.

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About the authors

Aleksandr Vladimirovich Fefelov

Altai state medical University Ministry of health of Russia

Author for correspondence.
656038, Barnaul

cand. med. Sci., associate Professor

A. Yu Karasev

Altai state medical University Ministry of health of Russia

656038, Barnaul


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