The sociological research technologies as a systematic basis of medical sociological monitoring


During the last decades, significant alterations in the national studies of medical sociological issues occurred. The medical sociological studies are especially important for physician-practitioner since the understanding of one's own role and patient's social role facilitates to increase the number of errors in forecasting of operations succession.
The practical application of the results of medical sociological monitoring permits to mark out the most acceptable forms of reorganization in the system of mandatory medical insurance and to receive legitimate support of citizen of the activities targeting the social services system reform. The effectiveness of monitoring in public health increases at the expense of the development of permanent system of sociological information collection and the organization of data bank on particular curative preventive institutions, administrative districts, cities and regions. The development of high-end information technologies permits to provide a more comprehensive analysis of medical sociological information in different profiles applying more sophisticated mathematical tools and to ensure its long-term storage for subsequent application with fast data search.

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A V Reshetnikov

A V Reshetnikov


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