Structural recognition algorithm for prefractal graph


In the article the recognition problem for prefractal graph formed by two full alternating fuses is considered. Mathematical statement is made, metric characteristics are received, the effective algorithm of recognition is developed, the question on computing complexity is investigated.

About the authors

Irina H Utakaeva

North-Caucasian State Humanitarian-Technological Academy

аспирант, каф. математики; Северо-Кавказская государственная гуманитарно-технологическая академия; North-Caucasian State Humanitarian-Technological Academy


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  2. Кочкаров А. М. Распознавание фрактальных графов. Алгоритмический подход. Нижний Архыз: CYGNUS, 1998. 170 с.



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