Entanglement in two-atom model with degenerate Raman transitions


The peculiarities of atom-field entanglement in the model of two nonidentical atoms interacting with one-mode coherent electromagnetic field in lossless cavity via degenerate two-photon Raman transitions have been investigated. The times of atoms and field states disentanglement have been calculated on the basis of time-dependent wave function behavior and the linear atomic entropy concept.

About the authors

Eugene K Bashkirov

Samara State University

Email: bash@ssu.samara.ru
(д.ф.-м.н., профессор), профессор, каф. общей и теоретической физики; Самарский государственный университет; Samara State University

Elena Yu Sochkova

Samara State University

Email: sochkovaelena@mail.ru
магистрант, каф. общей и теоретической физики; Самарский государственный университет; Samara State University


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