We followed-up 105 patients (107 eyes) at the age from 19 to 89 years (mean age 73.7+10.1 years) among them 63 (60%) females and 42 (40%) males. The follow-up term made from 4 to 96 months, in average - 20.4+19.8 months. Iris-claw IOL "ARTISAN" was implanted in all the patients behind the iris in posterior capsule. Visual acuity 0.5 and more was obtained in 90 (84.11%) cases. Iris-claw IOL implantation was accompanied by minimal complications. The position of the implanted lens remained stable during the whole follow-up period. Analysis of the clinical material and obtaining high functional results is evidence of safety and reliability of iris-claw IOL "ARTISAN" implantation behind the iris in posterior chamber in complicated cases; this procedure can be an operation of choice for aphakia correction.


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