We examined 200 patients with squint having received conventional treatment and 90 patients, which together with conventional treatment were treated by infrasonic pneumomassage, infrasonic phonophoresis and colour stimulation. A course of treatment included 10 sessions, and the duration of treatment made 2 weeks. The treatment resulted in increase of the number of patients with binocular vision up to 74.4%, and the number of patients with monocular vision decreased to 26.6%. The angle of squint diminished in every second patient and completely disappeared in every fifth. Dynamics was absent in 25.6% of cases.
Negative results were absent in all the patients. Application of infrasonic pneumomassage, infrasonic phonophoresis and colour photostimulation allows obtaining stable results, and efficiency of the suggested treatment made 52.2%.

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E I Sidorenko

Yu A Alfara


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