We have developed and patented the ultrasound modification of trabeculectomy adapted to specific features of eyes in children with congenital glaucoma. The method is based on the application of the UZKh-F-9102-OF MEDEL apparatus for ultrasound microsurgery (Russia) operated at a frequency of 44 kHz. Taken together, unique characteristics of this instrument , such as the light weight, virtually bloodless incision with simultaneous non-thermal coagulation of the wound edges, antibacterial and antiproliferative action, make it possible to ensure the favourable conditions for the formation of the permanent filtering bleb during the postoperative period. Peculiarities of surgical strategy for ultrasound trabeculectomy are described and substantiated based on the experience gained during 37 surgical interventions in children with congenital glaucoma.

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D. O Arestov

Federal state budgetary institution «Moscow Helmholtz Institute of Ophthalmology», Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


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