The object of research is increasing of productive qualities of pigs due to improvement the morphofunctional indicators of digestion system. According to objectives two groups of clinically healthy pigs right after depriving at the age of 35 days were created. Each group is consist of ten ones, selection was carried out by the principle of analogs. After completion of experience an average value of live mass of control group pigs was 26.1±1.2 kg, and in skilled group 32.3±0.8 kg, the difference was made 23% (р0.05). It is established that size increasing of crypts and epithelium with a border in mucous membrane of lean gut of pigs in experimental group, testify to strengthening of body digestive activity. Emergence of light-cellular zones in liver and reduction of segments testifies to strengthening of regenerator ability and increase of detoxicity function. In lymph nodes emergence of follicles of the small size with the expressed light centers as well as in the analysis of liver, testifies to strengthening of potential regeneration and activity of immune function.

About the authors

Yuliya Aleksandrovna Kurlykova

Samara State Agricultural Academy

The Russian Federation, Samara
доцент; кандидат биологических наук; доцент; кафедра «Анатомия, акушерство и хирургия»

Aleksey Vladimirovich Savinkov

Samara State Agricultural Academy

The Russian Federation, Samara
доктор ветеринарных наук; зав. кафедрой; кафедра «Эпизоотология, патология и фармакология»


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