The purpose of research is improving physiological and biochemical status and productive qualities of broiler chickens by including basic diet lactoamilovorin and potassium iodide. For experimental studies experimental and control groups formed randomly on the 35 day-old chicks, which were grown in Techa-of 42 days at the cellular content. It was found that the number of red blood cells in the blood of studied groups broiler chickens in the whole investigated period increased. leukocyte concentration was lower in broilers of the experimental group by 2.6%, compared to the control. The hemoglobin content increased in those chenie the entire period of study in a group of birds fed the probiotic and potassium iodide. Statistically significant differences in hematological parameters relative to those of the control group of birds observed in the integrated use of iodine preparations and probiotics in the period from 14 th to 42 th day. At 14, 21, 35 and 42 day old chicks advantage over the control treatment groups on the hemoglobin content amounted to 14.03, respectively; 10.40; 9.79 and 12.28%.Analyzing the morphological indicators of blood of experimental groups, it should be noted that they were within the physiological norm. The maximum effect is the physiological norm was observed in broiler chickens III experimental group, which in addition to the basic diet fed potassium iodide and lactoamilovorin.

About the authors

Vladimir Nikolaevich Nikulin

Orenburg State Agrarian University

The Russian Federation, Orenburg
профессор; доктор сельскохозяйственных наук; профессор; кафедра «Химия и методика преподавания химии»

Irina Aleksandrovna Kolesnikova

Orenburg State Agrarian University

The Russian Federation, Orenburg
кандидат биологических наук; ст. преподаватель; кафедра «Общая биология, экология и методика обучения биологии»


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