Probiotic "Vitafort" in Diets of Calves and Pigs


Influence of different doses probiotic "Vitafort" on growth and development of calves and sucking-pigs is studied. It is established that use probiotic "Vitafort" in diets of calves in an optimum dose of 0,1 ml (from calculation 108 CFU) on 10 kg of live weight has more productive influence which was accompanied by their increase of gains live weight, and also stimulated immune activity of an organism that a final analysis was reflected in safety of calves and sucking-pigs.

About the authors

A A Basharov

Bashkir SAU

Bashkir SAU

G O Nugumanov

Bashkir SAU

Bashkir SAU

F S Khaziakhmetov

Bashkir SAU

Bashkir SAU


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