Interaction of social entities in the process of sport medicalization was revealed and analyzed. A sportsman's ambition to make great achievements in a short period of time provokes spots doctors to carry medicalization to excess. Not only medical sciences but also medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as mass media intrude sports as part of sports medicalization. These interactions are as follows: doctors of sports medicine, since they are responsible for medicalization, sportsmen and coaches as they are interested in the latter, and pharmaceutical companies and mass media, since they benefit from it. All these are not only closely interrelated and mutually motivated but also set new sports standards. It is important to note that a sportsman appears to be the most vulnerable agent in the process of medicalization since it is his wish to gain high results in a short period of time by all means that provokes sports doctors to enlarge medicalization completing the circle. It is of great importance to define the borders of medicalization process to avoid the point of no return for sports doctors when they can no longer have a positive effect on life quality of a sportsman in the course of athletic training.


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