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In the journal "Bioethics" in the form of articles accepted scientific work, corresponding to the profile of the journal. Main headings of scientific publications are: • theoretical problem in bioethics; • ethical issues of the National Project "Health"; • bioethics and medical law; • sociological investigations in bioethics; • ethical problems of clinical research; • international documents in the field of bioethics and health law; • Bioethics in the world; • Training the Biomedical Ethics; • Experience of ethics committees; • to help students of biomedical ethics. Submitted to the journal "Bioethics" (hereinafter - the journal) manuscripts of articles should meet the following requirements. 1. Text in Mitsrosoft Word (or RTF), 14th font, by half interval, footnotes, page-numbering footnotes sequentially, A4 paper, text on one side. Summary in English and Russian languages. The manuscript - no more than 30,000 characters. The main goals and objectives of the copyright summary. Copyright resume (AR) is a brief summary of the greater volume of work, having a scientific character. Copyright resume can be published on their own, apart from the main text and, consequently, should be comprehensible without reference to the publication itself. Basic requirements: - According to the AP article, the reader should understand the essence of the study. - By AP reader must decide whether to apply to the full text of this article for more detailed, interesting information. - AP article is a primary source of information to domestic and foreign information systems and databases, indexing magazine. -AP English should not literally translate the text. The structure of the content and scope of copyright summary: AP shall state the essential facts of , and should not exaggerate or contain material that is not in the main part of the work. The text should be used AR syntax peculiar language of scientific and technical documents . The text should be used AR meaningful words from the text of the article. AP text should be concise and beads , free of background information , extra introductory words common and insignificant wording. In the AP does not make reference to the publication number in the list of references to the article. 2 . Title of the article should contain UDC , title , name and initials of the author (s ) , title , degree , position and place of work (name of organization and division) , city of residence , e-mail in English and Russian languages. 3 . Followed by the abstract film (abstract) with keywords (keywords) in Russian and English languages. In summary , of not less than 10 lines , should summarize the subject of the article and the main results contained therein . 4 . Bibliographic references in the text should be given in square brackets in accordance with the numbering in the bibliography. 5. References to the original article - not less than 5 and not more than 15 sources. References should be in alphabetical order - first domestic and then foreign authors and executed in accordance with GOST 2008 7.0.5. References are provided in two versions: 1) In accordance with GOST R 7.0.5 2008 (Russian version with foreign sources) 2) Option in Latin, repeating a list of references to the Russian-speaking part, regardless of whether or not there are in it from foreign sources (see table) Your uniform format bibliographic references in accordance with GOST 2008 7.0.5 "bibliographic references". (Examples of references and bibliographies pristateynyh in Russian) Articles from journals and collections: Адорно Т. В. К логике социальных наук // Вопр. философии. - 1992. - № 10. - С. 76-86. Crawford P. J. The reference librarian and the business professor: a strategic alliance that works / P. J. Crawford, T. P. Barrett// Ref. Libr. - 1997. Vol. 3, № 58. - P. 75-85. Record header in the link may contain the names of one, two or three authors of the document. Authors' names, the title may not be repeated in the statement of responsibility. Crawford P.J., Barrett Т. P. The reference librarian and the business professor: a strategic alliance that works // Ref. Libr. 1997. Vol. 3. № 58. P. 75-85. If four or more authors, the title does not apply (GOST 7.80-2000).

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