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The problem of acute respiratory diseases, including influenza, stays one of the most urgent issues in the world. It can be argued by the fact that the morbidity rate especially among children rises every year. The social and ethical aspects of the preventive vaccination promotion are shown in the article. They are based on the results of a questionnaire survey conducted among sick children 's parents. The authors of the article analyzed the reasons of parents' negative attitude to vaccination against influenza. In this context it is a challenge and a professional duty for a pediatrician to convince parents that these measures are worthy.

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About the authors

A. B Nevinskij

Volgograd State Medical University

teaching assistant at the Chair of children's infectious diseases

L. V Kramar

Volgograd State Medical University

doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of the Chair of children's infectious diseases

V. A Titovskaya

Volgograd State Medical University

Master of jurisprudence, graduate student of the Department of philosophy, bioethics and law with sociology of medicine


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