Leadership in medicine: risks of ethical conflicts

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The article deals with the problem of ethical conflicts in medicine. The growth of legal conflicts in medical practice is largely conditioned by increase of ethical conflicts. As the leader of a medical staff is the central figure, we’ve conducted the research of his/her personal features with the aim to reveal risk factors of ethical conflicts. The carried out literature review of the mentioned problem defined that leadership in medicine has its own peculiarities, connected with specificity of activity, gender asymmetry of a professional sphere. The research of role-playing features of a head in the medical staff was conducted on the example of physicians who performed leading duties with work experience in a senior post of 7±1,3 years. The research was carried out in the categorical field of sociology of medicine using methods of content-analysis, participant observation, sociological inquiry and interviewing, and psycho-diagnostic techniques (by Sinyavsky V.V. and Fedorishina B.A., Raygorodsky D.Y., Shubert, Boiko B.B., Snider M. etc.). The research results made it possible to determine ethical risk factors in 20-25% of leaders. It was concluded that there is a need to institute a bioethical methodical block to the system of continuing professional education of medical specialists, which can make it possible to form leader’s necessary ethical values and attitudes in conditions of educational sphere.

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About the authors

A. D Donika

Volgograd State Medical University

Email: addonika@yandex.ru
Volgograd, Russia
D. Sc. (sociology), associate professor, Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Bioethics and Law with a Course of Sociology of Medicine of Medical Sociology

E. V. Chernyshkova

Saratov State Medical University n.a. V.I. Razumovsky

Email: chervy@mail.ru
D. Sc. (sociology), associate professor, associate professor of the department of philosophy, humanitarian sciences and psychology

E. A Andriyanova

Saratov State Medical University n.a. V.I. Razumovsky

Email: elena-andriyanova@yandex.ru
D. Sc. (sociology), professor, head of the Department of philosophy, humanitarian sciences and psychology

M. E Volchanskiy

Volgograd State Medical University

Email: biosoc2008@yandex.ru
Volgograd, Russia
D. Sc. (sociology), Head of the Department of General Psychology


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