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The journal of Bioethics publishes scientific article materials which correspond to the journal profile. The basic headings of the scientific journal are as follows: - Theoretical problems of bioethics; - Ethical issues of the implementation of the “Health” national project; - Bioethics and medical law; - Sociological research in bioethics; - Ethical problems of clinical research and trials; - International documents in the field of bioethics and medical law; - Bioethics in the world; - Practical course of biomedical ethics; - Work experience of ethical committees; - Aid for those studying biomedical ethics. The article materials submitted for publication in Journal of Bioethics must meet the following requirements: 1. Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word or RTF format, and be typed with one-and-a-half line spacing on one side with font size 14, Times New Roman on an A4 paper. References should be cited in numeric order by order of mention in the text. Articles should include an abstract in Russian and English. Manuscripts should not exceed 30 000 characters. 2. The first page must contain a unique case identifier, the main title of a paper, the name(s) of authors(s), and the affiliated institution(s) and address(es) in Russian and English. This should be followed by an abstract of the article with keywords both in Russian and English. 3. Heading must be typed in semi-bold. Authors and affiliations should be followed after the title of paper. The author(s) name should be italic and semi-bold. The author’s name, title / university degree, affiliation, work address, home address and e-mail address as well as the reviewer’s name, degree, and affiliation should be provided at the end of the article on a blank page. 4. The name(s) of author(s) in calls for conferences, workshops and seminars should be italic and semi-bold. Author(s) information should be provided at the end of the article. 5. References should be arranged in alphabetical order stipulated in 7.1. - 2003 Federal standard. Sample reference format: Ivanova A.L. Basic mechanisms of medical student socialization / A.L. Ivanova, M.V. Boiko, A.S. Spivak//Social medicine. - 2004. - № 4. - 34-38 Ertel L.A. Autonomy of a child as a paediatric and neonatal patient: dissertation abstract/ Ertel. -Volgograd, 2006. - 49 pages References cited in the text must appear in a Reference List or Bibliography. References cited in the text, figures, tables must be enclosed in square brackets and are numbered using Arabic numerals [1, 2, 3]. The citing of sources in the article is not limited. 6. Authors must submit their articles electronically. The print version of the paper must also be submitted to the Editorial Board. In outside of Volgograd, authors may submit their manuscripts electronically via email. 7. Post-graduate students do not have to pay for the submission of their articles to the Journal of Bioethics. 8. All manuscripts have to go through the peer review process. If the manuscript is not of sufficient quality, the author may be invited to revise the paper. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial and literary corrections. All manuscripts must be submitted to the editorial office to the address: 400131, Volgograd, Pavshikh Bortsov Sq., 1, Room 4-11. Tel.: 8(8442)385325, e-mail:

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