On the importance of control of the level of interference communications in improving safety of treatment of surgical patients

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The safety of the treatment of surgical patients (SSP) is considered by the authors in the form of a complex concept combining progressive educational, clinical and management technologies aimed at preventing the negative consequences of surgical treatment based on their internal connections and overall development prospects. The latter can be traced when structuring the SSP system into five components. Significant difficulties with the organization of quality and safe surgical care are due in large part to the shortcomings in medical communications between medical law subjects and the low level of teamwork of employees. The article substantiates that in the overall concept of increasing SSP, the measures to improve the bioethical and communication component of the treatment process take an equal place. In addition to the traditional forms of internal quality control of medical care, the authors implemented their principles of monitoring the information and legal component of SSP, which are based on an assessment of the degree of "communication satisfaction" of all participants in the treatment process. Such a scientific and practical approach made it possible to assess the adequacy of measures to implement an integrated approach to SSP.

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About the authors

A. M. Karsanov

North-Ossetian State Medical Academy; Non-governmental institution «Railway Hospital at the station Vladikavkaz» JSC Russian Railways

Email: karsan@inbox.ru
Candidate of medical Sciences, Associate professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases №3 of North-Ossetian State Medical Academy; Oncologist, Non-governmental institution «Railway Hospital at the station Vladikavkaz» JSC Russian Railways

E. A Berseneva

National Research Institute for public health

Email: eaberseneva@gmail.com
doctor of Medical Sciences, head of the higher and additional professional education

O. V. Remizov

North-Ossetian State Medical Academy

Email: oleg_remizov@mail.ru
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Rector


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