Volgograd experience of humanitarian education in a medical university

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The article discusses the long-term experience of humanitarian education and the formation of moral values of the medical profession at the Volgograd State Medical University. It is considered the activities of the University for development of professional and scientific research competencies of students in the interdisciplinary field of medical and social sciences. The material of scientific research conducted by students shows the process of internalization by them of humanistic models of healing, experience of empathy and compassion, internalization of bioethics and medical law. The article substantiates the conclusion that the practice of educational and scientific work in the field of bioethics, the productive collaboration of teachers of humanitarian and medical disciplines, successful publishing, active participation in all international scientific and educational events in the field of biomedical ethics and healthcare law, allows us to recommend the experience of Volgograd State Medical University as a model for the formation of the social and humanitarian space of medical education for a university s of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

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About the authors

V. V Shkarin

Volgograd State Medical University

Email: fuv-ozz@yandex.ru

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Public Health and Health Care of the Institute of Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education

A. D Donika

Volgograd State Medical University; Volgograd Medical Research Center

Email: addonika@yndex.ru

Doctor of Sociology, Professor, Associate Professor of the Disaster Medicine Department, Senior Researcher of ethical, judicial and sociological expertise in medicine Department, Volgograd Medical Research Center

P. R Yagupov

Volgograd State Medical University

Email: biosoc2008@yandex.ru

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of Pediatric and Dental Schools


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