Secularization of the fall into sin based on Dante's divine comedy (focused interview of medical students)

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The article presents the results of an interview in a student’s group on the problem of the fall into sin based on the discussion at the seminar of Dante's «divine Comedy». The authors consider human as an image and likeness of God, who creates himself, choosing between good and harm. There were changes in the perception of the structure of Inferno: the number of circles of hell in the minds of young people interviewed decreased: all respondents do not see sin in unbelief, three-quarters of respondents - in gluttony, half - in lust. The interpretation of heresy and fraud as ways to promote their projects is relevant. The effect of absolute rejection of violence, contemptuous attitude to treachery is revealed. The authors believe that secularization has touched only the first five circles of Hell, but at the bottom everything is still the same.

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About the authors

A. U Yagodina

E.A. Vagner Perm State Medical University

PhD, MD, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy Department

I. A Serova

E.A. Vagner Perm State Medical University

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy Department

A. V Petrov

Volgograd State Medical University


Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy, Bioethics and Law Department with a course in Sociology of Medicine


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