Implementation of bioethic principles in the evaluation of the patient’s status and role in written medical interaction

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The article explored the fact that various bioethical principles underlie the evaluation of the patient’s status and role in therapeutic interactions in written medical documents. We have found that characterization of biomedical, social and behavioural aspects of the patient’s existence relies on such bioethical principles as obligation, truthfulness, respect for human rights and dignity, the patient’s good. A few facts of the violation of the principle of respect for human rights and dignity consisting in verbal stigmatization have been provided. Bioethical perspective is also taken to evaluate the mode and extent of the patient’s involvement in a medical interaction, which are either negatively or positively assessed based on the patient’s compliance and good.

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About the authors

V. V Zhura

Volgograd State Medical University


Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages with a Latin Language Course

E. G Semenova

Volgograd State Medical University


Senior Lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages with a Latin Language Course


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