Doctor’s speech culture as the main component of professional ethics

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The article is devoted to the communicative competence of a doctor as a component of professional ethics. Knowledge of norms of the modern Russian literary language, compliance with these standards in the oral and written speech of a medical worker helps to establish contact between doctor and a patient. To identify the level of knowledge of Russian language norms, readiness for professional speech a scientific research was made, during which the most typical mistakes were revealed: orthoepic, morphological, lexical, stylistic. Following the norms of the language and ethics of communication contributes to the achievement of the main aim of a medical activity - recovering of a patient.

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About the authors

T. K Fomina

Volgograd State Medical University


Doctor of Sociology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of the Russian Language and Socio-Cultural Adaptation

Yu. G Fateeva

Volgograd State Medical University


Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of the Russian Language and Socio-Cultural Adaptation

O. V Kostenko

Volgograd State Medical University


PhD, associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Bioethics and Law with the Course of Psychology and Sociology for Medicine


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