Ethics of dental tourism as a subject of scientific interest

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The theme of the paper is defined by the relevance and insufficient scientific elaboration of the concept of dental tourism in Russia on the basis of deep, comprehensive and conceptually oriented research. The article presents the analytical review of foreign literature in the field of dental tourism. The authors consider various approaches to the definition of the concept of dental tourism. Scientific developments which are devoted to the dental tourism have not been conducted in our country yet. Mainly, the scientific developments in the sphere of dental tourism are conducted for advertising purposes. The authors points to the possibility and necessity of this study within the framework of sociology of medicine which has the methodological and operational basis for achieving the planned result.

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About the authors

G. Yu Shchekin

Volgodrad State Medical University

Doctor of Sociology, Professor of the Philosophy, Bioethics and Law Department, with the course of sociology of medicine

A. N Osyko

Volgodrad State Medical University

Post-graduate student of the Philosophy, Bioethics and Law Department with the course of sociology of medicine

V. A Bakhtin

Don State Technical University

Russia, Rostov-on-Don
Post-graduate student

L. L Kozhevnikov

Sochi State University

PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Higher Professional Education


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