Ethical and legal problems caused by COVID-19 pandemic

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In the article these are considered ethical and legal problems caused by the ongoing pandemic of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). New challenges for health care, economy, education not only revealed rather a high level of stability and mobility, but also showed a poor readiness of response to sudden risks, which had a certain impact on all spheres of life of the whole society. The authors have conducted a brief cross-cultural analysis of the issue basing on data quoted by the international network of UNESCO chairs in bioethics, sessions of the Bioethics Committee within the RF Commission on UNESCO affairs, as well as official open sources of the health care system and judicial sphere of the Russian Federation. Strong reciprocal link of legal risks in the interdisciplinary field of medicine and law are made discernable: on the one hand, introduction of sanitary and hygienic regulations (using of personal protection gear, sanitary processing, maintaining social distance, etc.) are aimed at the realization of the right of protecting the health, while on the other hand they represent a violation of basic human rights. Besides the theoretical approach to the problem of the observance of the constitutional rights of citizens in the pandemic conditions there exists a real threat of their violation due to absence of special mechanisms of their realization in frames of sanitary and hygienic measures with regard to the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged sections in the society. It is made conclusion about necessity of the international collaboration for the purpose of joint decision-making and action in the sphere of health care taking into account an international character of ethical and legal challenges triggered by COVID-19 pandemic, as well as national, economic, cultural and confessional peculiarities.

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About the authors

A. V. Petrov

Volgograd Medical Scientific Center; Volgograd State Medical University

Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Law, Professor, senior research scientist of the Department of the ethical, legal and sociological expertise in medicine of Volgograd Medical Research Center, Professor of the Department ofphilosophy, bioethics and law with a course of sociology of medicine

D. A Donika

Academy of management of the Ministry of internal Affairs ofRussia

Adjunct of the Department of management of crime investigation bodies


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