The fragment of research the quality of life and professional burnout of doctors in children's polyclinics in Volgograd

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The level of medical care to patients and the success of the implementation of the national project "Health" depend on the health status and doctor's professionalism. Modern healthcare reform is being implemented by optimizing costs, merging medical organizations, closing ineffective hospitals, expanding the use of high-tech care and informatization of the doctor's activities. All this makes it necessary to assess the health of doctors. Scientists have studied the quality of life and identified the professional (emotional) burnout of doctors in children's clinics in different age groups. Primary care pediatricians have a higher quality of life score when compared to the standard [1]. However, all groups have a high level of professional burnout. The pre-retirement group of doctors has more unfavorable profile. They are highly professional specialists but may experience emotional discomfort because the pension system has been reformed. This situation requires the introduction of preventive work with doctors of this age as a group with great potential and capable of professional longevity.

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About the authors

L. P Slivina

Volgograd State Medical University


Dr. of Medicine, Professor, Head of profile hygienic disciplines Department

M. E Morozov

Volgograd State Medical University


Teacher of the College

A. A Khaydukova

Volgograd State Medical University

Student of general medicine Faculty

E. I Kalinchenko

Volgograd State Medical University


PhD in Medicine, Associate professor of profile hygienic disciplines Department

I. V Fedotova

Volgograd State Physical Education Academy


PhD in Medicine, Associate professor of Department of Sports Medicine


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