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At the level of the whole organism, an idea of the complexity of living things is formed as a combination of levels of organization (layers) of biological and virtual reality, which develops as a space for visualization (digitization) of living objects. New digital formats of living objects, coupled with the naturalistic ethics of obtaining them, create a trend towards a complete transition of biology to a quantitatively new level of obtaining biological information – information about the state of living biological objects. The development of digital biology contributes to an increasingly large-scale transition to the creation and analysis of virtual images of living biological objects, and at the same time "removes" the biologist from the actual object of research: a biologist can work with a virtual image and not destroy his research object. Digital naturalism appears, and, consequently, a digital "experiment" must also be expected, which will undoubtedly continue the eternal confrontation between naturalists and naturalists or vitalists with mechanists in the new techno environment.

About the authors

H. P. Tiras

Pushchino State Natural Science Institute

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Head of the Department of Humanities,

Pushchino State Natural Science Institute, Pushchino, Moscow region

Russian Federation


Copyright (c) 2021 Tiras H.P.

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