Features of the course of pregnancy at the preeclampsia of varying severity at the present stage

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Objective — to study features of a course of pregnancy at a preeclampsia of varying severity and to compare them with data of control group of a research for the last 5 years.

Material and methods. 440 patients of fertile age with a preeclampsia of varying severity are inspected. 200 patients of similar age without preeclampsia made control group.

Findings. Data of the conducted research showed that the number of patients with toxicosis of the pregnant woman, threat of abortion and an iron deficiency anemia was statistically significantly 2–3 times more in the main group, than in control. In the second half of pregnancy at every fourth patient with a moderate preeclampsia and at every second from heavy the threat of premature births was observed. In the analysis of data the number of patients with threat of premature births in the main group was statistically significant in 3–5 times more, than in control, values of this complication varied from 25,2% (a moderate preeclampsia) to 50,8% (heavy). Premature amotio of normally located placenta took place at 6 of 63 patients with a heavy preeclampsia against the background of high figures of arterial pressure and heavy anemia.

Conclusion. Early diagnostics and treatment of complications of pregnancy at a preeclampsia will allow to improve the forecast for the forthcoming childbirth.

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About the authors

I. V. Simanov

Pyatigorsk Interdistrict Maternity Hospital; Pyatigorsk medical and pharmaceutical Institute, a branch of the Volgograd State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: simanovpmrd@inbox.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-5347-7377

Russian Federation, Pyatigorsk


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