Experience in the therapy of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women

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There was executed the examination and treatment of 68 pregnant patients with diagnosed mild iron deficiency anemia (IDA) at gestational age from 12th to 34th weeks. There was estimated the efficacy of the combine preparation of iron and trace elements (iron gluconate, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate) in the treatment of IDA. Early detection of IDA, timely prevention and treatment with the use of this preparation allowed to reduce the rate of obstetric and perinatal complications.

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About the authors

Irina N. Medvedeva

Kursk State Medical University

Email: medirina2011@mail.ru
Kursk, 305001, Russian Federation
MD, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education

A. B Khuraseva

Kursk State Medical University

Kursk, 305001, Russian Federation


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