Cytosinging syndrome at sick HCV-infection with the expressed fibrosis of the liver


The work purpose is to investigate features of the hematologic status in patients with the HCV-infection in combination with the expressed fibrosis of a liver. The group of patients by the HCV-infection (n=376) ranging in age from 38 to 80 lasting disease with more than 10 years is surveyed. On the basis of dynamic supervision of patients, laboratory monitoring and the statistical analysis the interrelation of a stage of fibrosis of a liver in patients with a HCV-infection with a cytosinging syndrome were confirmed. It is shown that the stage of fibrosis of a liver is associated with degree thrombocytopenia and pan-cytosinging liver disease among patients with НСV lasting disease with more than 10 years, the cytosinging syndrome occurs in 39% of cases, among them one-proliferous cytosinging is 65,6%, two-proliferous is 26,4%, pan-cytosinging - 8,1%.

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