The problem of euthanasia as an expression of freedom and human rights on the choice of death

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The death is an inevitable companion of life. In this issue it is important for us to prove the possibility of considering euthanasia as a separate socio-philosophical problem. In the view of death euthanasia is a separate position, independently existing as a problem. Euthanasia in the context of death is thought to be also the death, but strikingly different from a murder, a suicide. Of course, many people treat euthanasia in different ways, but proving the opposite, euthanasia is understood as an easy death, so this problem has a lot of meanings. The complexity of euthanasia as a socially-philosophical problem is at least conditioned by «double representation»: being an accessory of professional field of medicine, at the same time it affects anthropological assistenzializms («life and death», «good and evil», «meaning of life», «moral choice» etc.), historically specific subjects of the fundamental features of human presence in the world and thus it is included in the broader socio-cultural context.

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