Variability indicators of noninvasive hemodynamics with extensive oncologic operations under the combined anesthesia with the use of sevoflurane and desflurane

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The leading principles of noninvasive monitoring of hemodynamics are accuracy, reliability, possibility of dynamic supervision over the patient, complexity, existence of the minimum quantity of complications, practicality, low cost, availability of received information. Parameters of noninvasive systemic hemodynamics, which can be determined by the device NICO, play an essential role in the assessment of the condition of a patient when carrying out an anesthetic support during extensive oncologic operations. Intraoperatively we observed variability of cardiac index, cardiac output, and stroke volume depending on used anesthetic. Noninvasive monitoring of hemodynamics is informative and traces indicators of systemic hemodynamics at any surgical manipulations, and serves as a reference point during anesthesia. With application of Desflurane, fast awakening of the patient with smaller influence on hemodynamics in comparison with Sevoflurane is observed.

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